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Bandit is an Available Siberian Husky

This entry has expired and the information may no longer be current

This is Bandit

He is a neutered Male, age unknown, Housetrained, Crate Trained, has Obedience training, good with Children, good with Small Children, good with Large Dogs, good with Small Dogs, good with Cats, has Rabies vaccinations, has DHLPP vaccinations, microchipped, has Papers.

Please I am in need of help saving my dog Bandit. He was dropped off in another city an hour away from where he was chipped.He is an amazing dog, I didn't want him to stay in a cage so i rescued him to help him look for a home:

Here is his story:

The whole reason for rescuing Bandit was to give him a forever home. One that made sure he wouldn't be euthanized if he wasnt to get picked up by a certain time period. For the meanwhile, Bandit had stayed at my girlfriend's house and my place, where we would constantly walk him and take care of him with other members of our households. We constantly searched for a home that will give Bandit the attention and the life he deserved. Instantly we became attached to him because of his passion and love for people, his constant will to want to simply be a Husky, and for his amazing irreplaceable smile. The same day he was hit by a car was the same day I believe I found him a forever home. He was extremely happy in the new place, the new owner was certain this was the place for him and had no rejections. Bandit was ready to stay from here on out, but ended up running away so we went out searching for him. Unfortunately,once Bandit was hit and taken to the hospital, I received a text saying the person was no longer going to claim him. Imagine how that must feel.This left me in a financial struggle of paying 7,000 for his surgery all by myself. Thankfully, I got help from individuals I personally knew and some that I didn’t. We managed to raise a bit over $1,200. This helped me a tremendous amount in helping me pay for his surgery. Bandit has now come out of his surgery but my baby boy is still in need of a home. The room I currently reside in does not have the space necessary for him. It hurts so much to not be able to take care of him because I love him but it hurts more that we still can't find a loving family that would take in Bandit. Sadly, they had to shave a section of his coat off in order to perform the surgery on his broken leg and pelvis. Luckly, with the surgery everything will be okay , Bandit will once again be the same dog he once was, he will be able to run and play again, his coat will grow back. It will just take around 8-12 weeks for him to recover. The problem is that we are still looking for a home for Bandit. Please, I beg you to put his physical appearance to the side and give my poor dog a chance. If he didn't deserve the world and wasn't a special dog would I have paid $6,000 out of pocket. I did it because I consider him a part of my family, and for family we would do anything. Please, if you know anyone that would give Bandit a forever home, full of love and attention, send this to them. If you are interested in helping him out, feel free to dm me. If you can’t I would gladly appreciate a simple repost. He has been through so much just for being alive and it's honestly not fair. 

For more information call Jose Rodriguez at 323-616-7174, or email

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